Welcome to Future Stuff, Incorporated 

EST. 2020

Future Stuff Incorporated is a technology development company focused on emerging technologies. Future Stuff Incorporated will focus on fintech for blockchain, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, electric vehicles and space tech. Our goal is to integrate, innovate or disrupt these industries and enable a new or better way of life.



Coincierge is a suite of blockchain powered fintech products – Coincierge Wallet is a mobile private key wallet with over 40k digital assets connected to Coincierge Pro, a professional point of sale interface. These are powered by the Coincierge Coin, a service and hospitality backed digital asset. Learn more here.

Total Users: 5442

Daily Active Users: 1219

Project Status: In Market

Business Plan Q1 2023

Pitch Deck Q1 2023


Token Energy Project 

The Token Energy Project is a renewable energy blockchain project – The Token Energy Project will collect solar power and create a digital asset based on the amount of energy which is collected. Patent filed in Q2 of 2018 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Project Status: Concept

Business Plan Q1 2021

Future X

Future X is the exchange for tomorrow. Future X is an interactive mapping platform connected to a social community interface. Users can see what their friends are selling or cooking, either on the news feed or directly on the map, request to purchase and make payment directly in the app. Future X also allows for P2P bartering, removing the need for USD when exchanging goods. Future X was conceived when the hospitality industry was shut down in March of 2020. Originally called I’m Cookin’, it has evolved into a p2p bartering platform, fixing issues with supply chains and removing demand on big box retailers. 

Project Status: In Development v.4

Space Blockchain Ledger

We are in development of a decentralized ledger application for space tech. This project is deeply rooted to well established private space enterprises. This solution will directly impact space tourism, commerce and supply chain. 

Project Status: Stealth Mode



EVRC or Electric Vehicle Remote Control is an EV battery company – EVRC will change how EV’s charge and maintain their batteries. Using technology found in SEMA car builds, we will design a lift that allows a battery to drop out of the bottom of the vehicle and be replaced with a new or refurbished battery.

Project Status: Drafting Patent


Virtual NFT Galleries

Virtual NFT Galleries creates a base layer for real artwork and collectables to be scribed on to a public blockchain ledger. These assets are paired with a 1 of 1 token, creating the non-fungible token associated with the physical asset. Draper University founded business. Our first customer was Thomas Kinkade Studios.

Project Status: In Market


Our Team

Board of Directors

Darryll DiPietro


Darryll and Chris founded their first company together in 2017. Darryll was able to scale the first brand, Coincierge, from a $533 investment to an internationally recognized brand in 18 months.

Chris Starr


Darryll and Chris founded their first company together in 2017. Chris was able to get over 3000 followers on social media in the first 30 days. His experites in building modified cars led to EVRC.

The Dream Team

Michael Hugh

Chief Technology Officer

Michael is team member #1. He developed the Coincierge Wallet, Pro and node. He has helped evolve our offerings since 2017. He is currently developing I’m Cookin’ v.2 in php.

Beth Armendariz

Chief Operating Officer

Beth started working with Chris and Darryll as an advior in 2018. She quickly became our Director of Operations later that year. She is in charge of payroll, intelectual property and overall direction of our roadmap.

Seth Casey

Chief Hospitality Officer

Seth first found out about Coincierge in 2017 and quickly got involved. In 2018, he decided to help fund our development, leading him to helping with our roadmap.

Our Advisory Board

Jerry McElroy

Advisor - Enterprise & AI

Enterprise Technology Professional – Entrepreneur 

James Scott

Advisor - Nightlife

Director of Customer Development @ Play Management – Owner @ Vegas Club Life

Dianthe Skurko

Advisor - Venture Capital

Co-Founder of Santa Clara based sFoundation Accelerator

Bryan Donoghue

Advisor - Business Development

Business Development – Marketing – Product Development